The Importance Of Journals For Babysitters

journals-for-babysittersThis is good. A Parent’s Journal for the Babysitter can help you a lot.

What’s A Parent’s Journal For The Babysitter?

It’s exactly what it is, a journal. An article on the Chicago Tribune cites the convenience of having it. It eases your anxieties when leaving your kid with the babysitter. A Parent’s Journal for the Babysitter is a good resource for childcare providers. In your absence, it can guide your babysitter.

A Parent’s Journal for the Babysitter puts together everything a babysitter needs to know. This is a hardbound book every parent must have. Each page contains useful and important information about the kids. All you have to do is to hand it over to the babysitter. It’s the perfect reference for the babysitter.

You can purchase A Parent’s Journal for the Babysitter online. Aside from the hard cover, this particular journal is spiral bound. You’ll have a lot of space to write on. You have a 30-paged tabbed section. At the same time, you have a 50-paged notepad. You can possibly write everything about your kid. It’s really more than just a simple baby book. It goes for about twenty-two dollars.

There are also other childcare journals. Here are a few of them:

• My Baby’s Log Book;
• Parent’s Babysitter Notebook; and
• Baby’s Daily Log.

All these are available online. You can choose which one suits you best. They’re all very cute and convenient to write on. You won’t have a hard time jotting down notes. These journals make it easy for you to record everything about your child.

Very Convenient For The Babysitter

These various journals can really help the babysitter. Everything she needs to know is all compiled in one journal. She won’t have to go through papers and post is for numbers. All the information she needs is in one place.

Babysitter journals are perfect handbooks. You can put in the dos and don’ts for your babysitter’s reference. You can also add information like favorite food, schedule, and sleeping habits. Most, importantly, you can add in the babysitter’s checklist. There’s no reason to forget anything with these babysitter journals.

Your babysitter can also write her end-of-the-day summary in the journal. It’s the best way to document everything. Also, it keeps all the information in one place.

Make Your Own

If you don’t want to purchase one, it’s fine. After all, these journals are very easy to create. You can make one of your own.

Below are just a few important details you need to include:

• Your kid’s usual routine
• House rules
• Telephone numbers
• List of allergies
• List of medications (if any)
• Daily schedule
• Other important instructions

You should also allot a few pages for the babysitter to write on. It’s also a good idea to add in some vital information on First Aid. After all, the journal can also be a good reading resource for your babysitter.

You’ll eventually come up with a template that works for you. The point is this. You can create one of your own. A babysitter journal can definitely enhance the communication between you and the babysitter. You can also have your babysitter sign-off on the journal. This is a good way for her to be accountable for her tasks. It’s also a good way for you to protect your kid.

You can never really erase all the worries and anxieties when you hire a babysitter. But you can lessen some of it with a babysitter journal.


An Expert Shares Tips On How To Find Reliable Babysitters

tips-how-to-find-babysittersIt’s just tedious. But you can actually find a reliable babysitter. You just need to spend some time on it. So you just can’t hire the first person that comes along.
Of course, you know that. But there are times when you’re tempted to do just that.

What This Expert Has To Say

The good news is that you can really find someone reliable. Parenting expert, Heather Waterfield, shares some useful tips.

“You can look in our community. Look in your neighborhood. Ask your church, your workplace. And ask folks in these places who they might recommend or who they might use as well. Another thing is to ask about their qualifications. The American Red Cross and some local hospitals have some babysitter courses that they can take.”

“Also look for somebody that may have some First Aid and CPR training. And observe them with your children first. Have them come over and see how they interact with your kids and how your kids might interact with them. That might be able to tell you everything. And finally, just like with all job opportunities, ask for references and check their references to see what kind of a person they might be when they watch your kids.”

You might be thinking that these tips are easier said than done. Well, you’re right. First of all, it’s hard to get a list of babysitters to choose from. Even if you look within your community or workplace, it can be very hard. You wouldn’t be able to get a list of babysitters.

More Options Online

You should also try to look online. There are a lot of resources online that can help you find a babysitter. But don’t expect it to be that easy. It’s also pretty tedious. You have to go through the selection process as well. But the good thing about it is you’ll have a lot of options.

Online childcare services have a good database of babysitters. When you post a job, you’ll get a lot of responses. From there, you can choose. Then you can go through the selection process.

Nonetheless, Heather Waterfield is right. You should check the qualifications and references. The online childcare services can help you do that as well.

A More Stringent Selection Process

Hiring a babysitter online entails a more stringent process. But don’t worry. Online childcare services have a stringent selection process in place. You just need to follow it.

The online childcare services can also help you run a background check. This is a valuable service you can’t ignore. After all, you want to be totally sure about the babysitter you’re hiring.

Suffice to say, it’s not that hard to find a babysitter online. You just need to choose the right online childcare service.

But Heather makes a great point. Whether you find a babysitter online or offline, she stresses this:

“Share your children’s needs and routines with the babysitter especially if they’re going to be putting them to bed….point out some items they might need in case of an emergency, like a flashlight or a fire extinguisher or even a neighbor that might be close by. .. and also, make sure you have those emergency phone numbers available for them.”

You just can’t ignore these helpful tips in finding a babysitter. If you want a reliable babysitter, you really need to work on it. But take it from the expert; it’s possible to find a reliable babysitter.


It’s Time You Look For An Experienced Babysitter Online

time-to-look-for-babysitter-onlineYou think she’s great. She’s available every time you need a babysitter. Finally, you’ve found someone you can rely on. But how exactly does she watch your kids? Does she just turn on the television? Is that her way of watching your kids? If it is, then you need think twice about her.

Keeping The Kids Entertained And Safe

It’s a must to entertain the kids. You want them happy and contented even while you’re away. Of course, these days your kids have their own gadgets. They can play with it while you’re away. But that shouldn’t be a valid excuse for your babysitter.

The point here is this. Your babysitter should know how to keep your kids entertained. This is in spite of the tv and the gadgets. Ideally, your babysitter should have a good list of activities. She should have some board games for the kids. And she should be willing to play with them.

Of course such board games can get boring after some time. Truth to be told; it’s inevitable that the kids watch tv. They can also go back to playing with their gadgets. Your babysitter should know how to handle this. If tv time is inevitable, your babysitter should be around watching tv as well. That’s very important. She should still be present even if the kids are in front of the tv. She should watch tv with the kids. She’s there to explain things and monitor what the kids are watching.

The babysitter should also know how to think outside the box. Knowing that tv time is inevitable, she should be prepared. She should have with her some kiddy movies. As a babysitter, she should be equipped with the right tools. Keeping the kids safe and entertained is her job after all.

When You Should Find Experienced Sitters

This is exactly why you need to find experienced babysitters. Experienced babysitters know how to entertain kids. They usually have all the right tools to entertain kids.

So hiring an experienced babysitter is something you should consider. Although it may take some time, you should do it. Your kids will have a better experience and you’ll feel safer.

This doesn’t mean the lady you usually hire isn’t any good. If she’s okay with you, keep her by all means. But you should take some time to review your expectations with her. Let her know that you’re on your toes watching her. Don’t show any signs of complacency with her. So sit down with her again and set expectations. Then ask for feedback from your kids. If there are red flags, don’t ignore them. It maybe time to hire a more experienced babysitter.

Where To Find An Experienced Sitter

This is not meant to alarm you. But if your babysitter isn’t doing a good job, it’s time. You need to look elsewhere. You can’t keep on hiring the same babysitter over and over again. You can’t sacrifice your kids’ well being by closing your eyes. Convenience isn’t your top priority here. You need to do more to find an experienced babysitter.

If you can’t find an experienced babysitter nearby, look online. The online babysitting services can help you. They have a good database of experienced babysitters. If you want proper care for your kids, it’s time you look online.